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Part of a special collaboration this month as MMM Dares you to Catch-em-All with realistic Pokemon inspired designs from the artwork of R.J. Palmer. There’s a fantastic range of models with the original Red/Blue three starters making a big appearance in their final evolutions alongside a bunch of smaller and larger Pokemon.
Supports and sculpting are always top rate with MMM.

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  • Colossal Inferno Drake (2 poses)
  • Blue Titanoise (2 poses)
  • Primordial Orca (2 poses)
  • Elder Terrasaur (3 poses)
  • Hungering barracuda (2 poses)
  • Sly Primate (2 poses)
  • Sly Tailed Chimp (2 poses)
  • 5x Natures Five Mystics
  • Juicy SwoleChu