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Release April 2022

Everlasting Shadow: Netherdeep

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Welcome to the everdark depths of the Netherdeep with Mini Monster Mayhems latest release. This is a dark and twisted selection of models from the hook horror with its nasty claws, skeksis like beak and its twisted exposed muscles and flesh adorning its body; through to the massive Mind Thief Dragon. A large beast of long veins exposed along its head, neck and body and a brutal coiling tongue coming to suck your brains and mind! The wings are a joy to see the similar attention to detail along the connective tissue that holds the membrane to the wing arms.
And what trip to the underdepths would be complete without some spiders and a mighty Drider Queen presiding over them.

Perhaps your attention in the dark isn’t quite so, evil, then there’s the Veiled Fungal Dragon. Clearly a most innocent creature (who could think it guilty or evil with those big open, innocent eyes), which has fungus growths studded along the whole length of its body.

As a special addition to this months release there’s also a throwback model, the coiling Neothelid!

These are top quality models that come with fantastic presupports that leave hardly a mark upon the model.

  • Mind Thief Dragon ( Gargantuan Size)
  • Veiled Fungal Dragon ( Gargantuan Size)
  • Intellect Overloard ( Huge)
  • Neothelid ( Gargantuan Size)
  • Psyche Gazer 2x ( Large)
  • —Large single tentacle version
  • —Multi Tentacle version
  • Hook Horror 2x ( Large)
  • —Idle pose
  • —Aggressive pose
  • Mind Gluttons 12x ( Medium)
  • Mistress of the Deep ( Huge)
  • Mistress Servents 2x ( Large)
  • —crawling down wall
  • —hooded with skulls

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