Miniature Land

Preview May 2022

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Sculpting lots of terrain through the month. Focusing 28mm scale (though that’s easily upscalable to 32, 35mm as well); Miniature Land are off to a sterling start with a large Jungle Temple, which even comes with a few tribal models as well. As always with their models now, the interior is fully playable.

Following we get a Desert Minaret, with open interior. As parts are modular there’s nothing stopping you adding segments to make the tower as tall as you like.

A Waterfall Bridge scene follows, a neat terrain feature that even includes some open interior regions for some caves behind the waterfall. For highwayman or wild animals

Then there’s a Ruined Lookout Tower, a crumbling bit of an ancient fortress. Again you can print as many segments as you like to make one really tall and risky structure.

They then revisited a Blacksmiths House idea, this time including not just the exterior but also open interior regions as well.

Following on we get one of the largest releases for the month, a fully modular Dwarf Underground Settlement. This is a large selection of parts including walls, towers, gates, houses, mines and more. You can thus build a small settlement or a huge sprawling one to set an entire game upon.

Going smaller again with a nice Vikin Meadhouse, complete with open interior and furniture including benches, table, firepit.

  • Jungle Temple
  • Tribe Miniatures (Spearman, Archer, Slave, Shaman)
  • Desert Minaret
  • Waterfall Bridge
  • Ruined Lookout Tower
  • Small Blacksmith House
  • Small Viking Meadhouse
  • Modular Dwarf Underground Settlement

Dwarf Underground Settlement parts:

  • 4 different dwarf house
  • 1 tower
  • 1 fort
  • 1 mine station
  • 1 tomb house
  • 1 castle wall 1 gate wall 1 corner wall tower 1 straight wall tower 1 back wall lock
  • 1 straight walkway 1 T type walkway 1 end road walkway 1 corner walkway 1 stair
  • 1 lava entrance gate 1 lava river straight 1 lava river corner 1 lava river bridge
  • 2 different carved underground stone structure 1 have the dwarf sculpture
  • 1 Small mine gate and also typical railroads are straight and curved.
  • Big back stone Walls just for scenery won’t be included in files.