Model Creators

Not every creator makes a patreon or a tribe of monthly models. There are many skilled creators working their own pace in their own corner of the internet, providing some unique and some outstanding models. Here I hope to highlight some of these creators and hope that they don’t get overlooked. Please do check below to see an example of their work and a link to follow through to their site.
What I show below is purely a sample of their works, many have dozens to hundreds of models on their stores so please do follow through the links and check out their full stores for what they are making today.

Nikola Roglic

Nikola makes a varied selection of models from knights on horseback to some really beautiful sculpts of animals, both static and in motion.
Some are presupported and some not, but don’t let that put you off, I’ve got her Cheetah model and its a fantastic bit of in-motion sculpting on a feline (which is honestly rather rare to see)

Maya Pantic

At the time of writing I’ve not yet picked up any of Maya’s models, however she does some really fantastic work with animal sculpts and shows a lot of already printed photos in her sales pages, which is always very encouraging to see a designer aware and printing their own work and not just making renders.
You can be sure that at some stage I’ll be picking some up (the maned wolf is a beauty!)

Ernest Nemirovskiy

Ernest does a lot of high fantasy style character models with a very clear eye to fine detail on them. Thin capes and delicate details that print well and models that have a lot of character and charm to them. Also some purely fun models and other assorted creations.

Oliver Spaeth

Oliver is both a designer and a painter of some utterly beautiful models. His sculpts are varied, from tiny castles to beasts for companions to your 28-32mm models. If the models don’t catch your eye his painting surely will.

He also runs a Patreon which is mostly focused around his painting and display work and is well worth checking out for some inspiration and education
Facebook (gets a lot of regular updates)

Jaydon Hill

Also known as “Dark Gods”, Jaydon is best known for running several very popular kickstarters and releasing a series of large grim dark models. He brings his own style and approach to a lot of very popular classic models. He’s well worth keeping an eye on for future campaigns on KS

Models presupported by Atlas Support Solutions

Andrea Di Natale

At the time of writing Andrea has only published one (free!) model on MMF and I’ve not found or seen another store selling any models. Their Artstation does show multiple other sculpts and some of which are printed. There’s some really fantastic stuff and I hope to find out if they are indeed going to sell STLs and where – or if they are selling to a game designer or such and putting their models otherwise out into the market.

Artstation Portfolio


CA produces some outstanding dioramas, busts and sculpts. Both produced as STLs and also sold as resin kits (different inventories for both so do check out the physical only stuff). These are big, highly detailed and finely sculpted works that are utterly wonderful to work on for any painter or model enthusiast looking for something much more for the display shelf.

Masons Miniatures

Masons have run a few kickstarters so far and are establishing a solid style of sculpting, both cute and also slightly creepy/twisted designs.

Jei Wang

So far Jei only has one (free) model for show in the stl world; a sphinx cat with goblin ears and a curious style choice on the eyes designed to create an “always looking at you” optical effect when painted.

Another creator with a neat Artstation portfolio that makes me hopeful that they will one day continue to produce stls of their artwork.


Keith Talbot

Kieth is a diverse artist making a whole range of varied sculpts of different subjects. From living creatures to surreal art to dark monsters of the night.

Leavon Archer

Coming from a video game design background, Leavons early designs were boardgame terrrain features, however he’s fast branched out into characters, busts and even touched the madness of the Ancient Gods as well!

Alessandro Damiano

Alessandro caught my eye with his massive Cathedral kickstarter, which as the time of writing is the bulk of his models on sale right now. A high detail, multi-layer terrain feature with loads of detailing all over it. I greatly look forward to seeing what else he produces!

Silana Cadou

Silana Cadou Artstation

Silana is a creature artist from France who designs some really interesting looking alien critters as well as some cute young dragons. I’ve linked her art-station as well as her MMF as she seems a touch more active on the latter, at least in posting new concept designs in 3D. Hopefully we see more of her designs make the jump into models as well.


Arxila Kickstarter

Arxila creates sculpts typically in the 150mm region, but also offers resized 32mm versions for many of the models. There’s a few busts, but primarily these are female adventurers ready to take on the world. Presupports are included as well.
Also recently completed a successful kickstarter campaign for the “Wolf and Girl” model, so might want to keep an eye there for future campaigns.

Arminas Didzioka

It’s been a while (at the time of writing) since Arminas has released any new models, however he’s one creator I really hope returns to releasing new sculpts. His “Cyber Metal Biker Chick” model is outstanding and really shows his talent as a sculptor. He’s also released a range of other models including a cute selection of chibi adventurers.

Rageous Creations

Rageous Creations Patreon

Right now he’s been producing a fantastic line of Battle Nuns from the far future with a great grasp of the gothic flamboyancy and brutal warrior elements. Well worth checking out his Patreon where he shows off a lot of previews of upcoming models. Note he was recently running the Patreon as normal, however its now purely a voluntary donation (no monthly releases) though there is a discounted “get all previous releases” tier that’s well worth looking at if you want to build a whole armed force!

Mad Alchemist

Mad Alchemist does a range of fun fantasy designs, from characters to a cart and then a might giant harvesting some rather wild mushrooms!

Replica Guns

Guenter makes some fantastic replica guns in very high detail. Designed for FDM in multiple parts to allow for easy printing and assembly, he also now provides the vast number of them ready for STA printers as well.

Letting you build large high detail display replicas or decorate your warzones, battlefields and rpg game boards with small, high detail weapons.

There’s a lot of really great work that’s gone into these replicas and its well worth checking out his store!

Northern Crusades Miniatures

NCM is a small team dedicated to creating high detail realistic crusader models based around the Crusades to the Baltic Region. There’s a whole host of variety here including multiple knights on horseback to foot soldiers, ships, terrain, forts and more. There’s even some really neat work on making models for producing a really outstanding sheild wall of troops. Well worth a look if you want to recreate battles from this era or want some additional realistic flare for your wargames, be they real or fantasy.
All comes presupported

Matt Mason

Matt has been working for some time now producing a massive legion of mech warrior style mechs. These are well put together mechs and there’s such a huge variety on offer that I’m sure there will be something for everyone.
He’s also unique in that pretty much all his designs are freely downloadable from his Patreon. His designs do come without pre-supports, but shouldn’t be too hard to self-support.
If you want more backing his channel lets you get access to some rules he’s been working on, plus there’s also a printing merchants licence up for grabs as well. He’s here in creators as his patreon is more of a tip/reward system than a strict monthly release.

Red Beard Bits

Red has been steadily working on his own unique take of a huge biological army from the depths of space. His designs whilst very easy to tell what they proxy, give a fresh edge (and a LOT of spikes!) and are really great to behold. He’s got a wealth of options from full models, upgrade parts and even a selection of weapons with spray effects as well. Well worth checking out if you want to start a fresh take on a swarm or enhance what you’ve got with some super models.

Artisans of Vaul

Presenting a collection of 28mm and 8mm sculpts for use in titanic wargames. The 8mm sculpts are specifically reworked in key areas to make them more practical for such a dramatic size reduction, rather than resizing which can result in some details being too thin when scaling down.

This gives Vaul some really high quality products no matter if you want something for your table dominating Warlord Titan or if you want a set of parts for your Titan Legion in Adepticus Titanicus. These are great quality options that give you a great wealth of fun things from chainsaw armed heads; to a huge winged eagle shield system. There’s even banners like the classic knights had way back years ago.


Yuki makes some supremely impressive high detail models which have a very distinct and unique style to them. From mechanical angelic humanoids to huge towering beasts and dragons rippled and coated in fine texturing. There’s a good display on their store of actual printed models as well, showing that their rendering and design work certainly stands up well to being printed.

Hite Studios

Hite Studios is the work of Jason A. Hite and primarily produces artwork and a selection of physical castings and sculpts. However they did a massive Kickstarter a while ago for a full set of modular corridor terrain features in STL form that lets you build a fantastic alien space ship interior. This is the bundle of the full KS content which includes both the terrain and a few models as well.

Lv-427 Designs

This team produces some outstanding and diverse modular internal terrain. They have a vast selection on their site which will let you build almost whatever you want, from a futuristic space ship to a modern day lab down to alien infestations and even snowy drifts (very Starwars Hoth style). In addition they’ve also created a system that doesn’t just create flat but also vertical sections. So you can create a multi-layered adventure on the tabletop. There’s no way I can do justice to the amount of material they’d produced so do go check them out!
They’ve even teamed up DungeonPrint Studios so you can make a 2D map of your terrain setup for the game or just to help you plan out what you need to create your vision.


Post Mortem has been working on a range of predominantly fantasy models. From dinosaurs, to terrain features to some very impressive looking undead. The undead in particular use very thin bone designs, more realistic in their shape than many doing skeletons. I’ve included a few of their own photos of prints to show that they do indeed stand up and print, though I’d wager they are somewhat on the fragile end; well sculpted and certainly proof of some of the amazing things 3D printing can achieve.

Ouroboros Miniatures

Ouroboros Kickstarer profile

Ouroborus Miniatures produce a whole range of models, from fantasy to sci-fi. With a general focus on busts and statue/large scale models. These are high quality sculpts with a good attention to detailing.
Many of their models often start as part of a Kickstarter campaign, where they have done both STL releases and physical model releases.