Another 20+ creators were added to the March Releases over the weekend with more being added this week. Do check out the full page, plus a few highlights below which include a free model to download.

Miniatures Blueprint Patreon

Miniatures Blueprint Tribes

Two models, a mermaid and a mindstealer. Both coming with a bust and the mindstealer also coming with an optional magical effect.

In addition there is a third model this month, which the creator has made totally free, the Chained Mermaid. Which you can get on MMF right now.

Oliver Späth Patreon

Oliver primarily runs a patreon displaying his fantastic guides on building and painting tiny dioramas, having done some incredible work which is well worth checking out on his Instragram However along the way he’s started commissioning models to help him achieve his vision and this is now transforming into his patreon offering STLS. Both as a separate tier of their own and in addition to his regular content.
March has a very cute collection of little animals from foxes to tiny mice and frogs.

Mini Monster Mayhem Patreon

Mini Monster Mayhem Tribes

One of my favourite Patreons releases another outstanding release of models (and perhaps my favourite from them so far). Outstanding living tree creatures from thorny roses (some with swords) to huge living root creatures such as the massive boar or the lithe and deadly displacer creatures. A huge Blossom Drake standing proud over them all! Little stump-root creatures scuttling around; majestic stags leaping; some shaggy looking Tumbleweeds and some fearsome/nightmarish wendigos.
Presupports are also top quality.

Labyrinth Models Patreon

The Magitek Empire feature this month with some very nicely detailed models. A grand edge to the army as they go to war with pistol and sabre. The infantry are fixed pose but come in a nice selection of poses with either pistol and sword or long rifle; meanwhile there’s multiple part cavalry and sentinel construct models.

In addition to check out their recent posts on their patreon. As they’ve published details of loyalty reward models as well as a release schedule outlining the coming releases for the next half a year or so.

Plus many many more with more being added daily – check out the March Releases