Another 10 creators added to March Releases, in addition to several adding new models to already released packages.
Also an advanced warning that I’ll be putting the previews for April up tomorrow so expect to see a big chunk of sneak peaks of things to come! Please do subscribe on WP or through Twitter for updates when things are released.

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Great Grimoire

See them adding to their release with a fantastic (and quite classical) display of angel and demons alongside a priest and an iron maiden, complete with a bound maiden.

Runic Collectibles

Full release and one I’ve been very excited to see. A woodland theme with elves, centaur, elementals and a massive cursed treeman. Runic are new and have already released some outstanding models in their welcome pack and first month and this is continuing their great releases.

Atlan Forge

A second release of some modular infantry with close combat weapon, shield and a few bolters. Don’t forget to check out the full post for their huge bear chariot as well.

Creative Geek MB

After a bit of a delay finishing sculpts from last month, we get the first release for this month and its an astounding diorama inspired by the movie Akira.

Station Forge

Releasing a wonderful selection of cyborgs armed with longsword type weapons. There’s some really nice fine detail on these infantry models.

Gadget Works

A nice Roman Milecastle made of modular parts has been added to their Roman themed release. They are planning on adding some additional outbuildings/scatter terrain late

Don’t forget this is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s way more added to the March Releases, so go check out the latest.