A new week and new models! April Previews are being added too daily now (or near enough) so do always go check them out for new additions. Things should be speeding up there as the month rolls closer an closer toward April.
There’s also a bunch of new creators to the webpage added to the March Releases as well as a host of creators adding even more content to their offerings for the month.

Nikola Roglic

Nikola, who has been featured here before on the Creators Page, is having a full 50% off sale on her mmf page, running from now until the 10th of April. This is all in a build up to her launching a Patreon of her own in May. Go forth and grab great dinosaur and animal models!

Bulkamancer Sculpts

A brand new creator who has only just started out and already doing some fantastic work. Focusing on high detail large sculpts and looks to be releasing at least one every month. There’s also two free models on his MMF page (link in the post)

Grinning God

A new face for the website, Grinning God has been running his Patreon for a while and releasing models long before that. With a solid style and some fun designs he’s well worth checking out. This month’s theme is very ancient nautical with boat, fishermen and a selection of underwater scatter terrain and crustaceans.
There’s also an exclusive preview of one of the new models coming from him in April.

Nutshell Atelier

Nutshell has been working long over the last month and more on this large model of a rider and horse and has just completed the release. The rider comes with several different helmet and bare head options whilst both models also come with an armour-free version.

Last Sword Miniatures

Last Sword have released their main release for the month, five armies getting a new unit each. From a single character mage on horseback for the elves, to whole rank and file cavalry for the undead and human kingdoms.
There’s also a quick note that they’ve got a new Kickstarter coming up, focusing on an Italian villa terrain theme.

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