Avatars of War – RELEASE

Avatars of War have extended their monthly release of barbarians with a fantastic mounted leader! There’s also news that there will be more feline models released this month too!
Check out more on their Patreon or in the December Releases 2021

Prey stl Collection – RELEASE

Prey have released their first model of the month, Zeratul! A 75mm sculpt of the Starcraft character.

Signum Games – PREVIEW

A first tease for January, a selection of goblin concept art! They’ve also said that alongside models for existing factions, there will be some for a brand new faction

Mini Monster Mayhem – RELEASE

MMM has added the latest to his advent throwback model selection, a massive (gargantuan size) Kaiju! There’s a further 2 more throwback models being added to his already impressive Dynasty Wild release – eastern mythology animals and dragon!

Battle Yak Miniatures – PREVIEW

Yet more early sculpting designs for their mighty ork release set for January

The Makers Cult – RELEASE

The second half of the Makers Cult release has gone live which includes tanks, infantry and more from multiple factions. In addition to a massive six legged walking battle tank with multiple weapon options!

Zane Rogers – PREVIEW

Some work in progress from Zane of a new model, no date set so not sure if this will come out this month or next.