Model News 27-04-2022

Yes indeed its time for more news!
First up I’ve written a brand new article in the articles section. This one deals with Health and Safety and I strongly recommend reading it. Not just because I wrote it, but because 3D printing comes with some hazards and the more we are all aware of those risks and what measure we can take to make ourselves safe; the more we can enjoy printing, painting and playing with fantastic models.

Secondly some bad news in that due to delays on updating content this month, I’ve decided to pass on posting a preview for May. I didn’t want to do this, but with the days ticking down so fast and with me still adding creators to April, it didn’t feel right to then rush out a load of previews for May.

The upside is that this means more time for more content creators from April and that means STLs you can get right NOW. Indeed several creators have made big additions and been added to the listings below to check them out.

You might have noticed a handy top-bar has appeared and should now feature on every page so you can always get back to the home-page from anywhere on the site. I’ll be refining the links that appear in the top bar over time.

Also just before we get to new Patreon content, please do take a moment to check out the following Kickstarter. It’s been started to raise money for the War in the Ukraine to help provide food for those who have lost ever so much.

It features a very very wide selection of STL makers, big names and small, who have gathered together to donate models form their range as well as sculpt some new content unique to the Kickstarter. The War has touched many the world over and the STL world is no exception, with many creator teams affected.
For full details please do go check the KS page:

3D Printable Stuff for Gamers and Painters

April Releases

A quick selection of some of the latest additions to the April Releases.

Clay Cyanide

Three solid releases from Clay Cyanide this month. Featuring Korean Mythology with a huge selection of mythical beasts and humanoids; Pan Village, a selection of warrior and mage panda warriors; and the Gator Tribe, a heavily armed selection of fearsome scaled warriors.

Cripta Studios

Cripta Studios brings a fresh wave of 20+ models this month in both 32mm and 75mm versions and 3 full busts. This months set is themed around a tavern, with several scatter terrain features, a bar maid and more. Though things take a strange turn as the cooking pot seems to be a mimic and the customers a broad mix from drunks to mighty adventurers to dark goblins and twisted beasts.
The Garoth Soulkeeper is an especially creepy character with its clawed feet and hands and its eyeless horned head and wide grin.

Grimdark Terrain

Featuring modular pipework and tanks this month for small scale battlefields. Ideal for games like Adeptus Titanicus or any grim dark or futuristic setting. Compatible with their previous terrain releases.


Down to the Drains for the dark and tank release! With rat and serpent people; a huge wurm and a great selection of modular sewer terrain tiles and walls you can build the sprawling underworld of your dreams.
There’s also just as much in their throwback content. Chosen from previous releases to fit the main theme in terms of design and aesthetics.

STL Miniatures

Vampires VS Vampire Hunters this month! A wild selection of warriors on both sides along with some scatter terrain and a fantastic armoured coach pulled by a pair of horses and armed on top with a small bolt thrower.

Updated April Releases

The Makers Cult

Part 3 has been released which includes some very cute ripper alternatives (which could count as cybernetic or I think also organic versions); a parasite flying beasty and then a selection of really great walking artillery units. With a wide selection of weapon types from rockets to mortars to huge cannon.
Remember this is in addition to their other two parts of their release which includes infantry, tanks and more!

Great Grimoire

Steadily adding sculpts to their release, the Caterpillar, Rabbit, Hatter and more have been added to their twisted dark take on the tale of Alice in Nightmareland!

Bite the Bullet

Adding more and more steadily, they’ve just completed their wave for the month with their Exotic model, who comes in various states of dress and undress.
She joins a cast of warriors each one a charming character ready to go on adventure

Gadget Works

Continuing their Pictish release, they’ve added some Roman Farmers who are facing off, rather badly, against the invaders. This is added to their Pictish warriors and Chariot released earlier in the month (chariot is a very fine model)

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