Model news and Releases 18-04-2022

Getting past the mid-month and there’s still plenty to come from many creators! Several new faces have appeared this month along with many established ones continuing to put out fresh models and add to already fantastic releases. There have been updates all over with new Model Creators, Free Models and April Releases all being added too over the past days. As always you can expect the April Releases to be added too right up until the end of the month.

Previews are also starting to thicken, so expect to see the previews for May appearing end of this week/start of next week.

Model Creators

Two fresh creators have been added to the Model Creators page


Post Mortem has been working on a range of predominantly fantasy models. From dinosaurs, to terrain features to some very impressive looking undead. The undead in particular use very thin bone designs, more realistic in their shape than many doing skeletons. I’ve included a few of their own photos of prints to show that they do indeed stand up and print, though I’d wager they are somewhat on the fragile end; well sculpted and certainly proof of some of the amazing things 3D printing can achieve.

Ouroboros Miniatures

Ouroboros Kickstarer profile

Ouroborus Miniatures produce a whole range of models, from fantasy to sci-fi. With a general focus on busts and statue/large scale models. These are high quality sculpts with a good attention to detailing.
Many of their models often start as part of a Kickstarter campaign, where they have done both STL releases and physical model releases.

April Releases

And it really just a sample as there are ever so many great models being released this month. Do check out the full April Releases showing off dozens of creators and their models.

Primal Beast Miniature

Brand new Patreon (with a few earlybird slots still open) kicking off with a fantastic fantasy release of Elden Ring inspired designs. From the very popular Moon Witch, through to werewolf warriors and a mighty dragon! Well worth checking out this month and looking forward to seeing what else they create in future months!

Last Sword Miniatures

A big month for them and one that I’ve been especially excited to see. With the high detail and very diverse cannon kit for the human faction, coming with a full diorama setup; muzzle fire effect and destroyed barrel and breach effects too.
Ontop of that there’s a huge skycutter dragon in a fantastic flying pose (we do not get enough flying dragons in 3D printing at all). A full cavalry unit for the Chosen of the Ashes and then a pair of mounted heroes. One for the Lizards and a Black Knight.

Saint Decent

Another newer name this month, focusing so far on their own dark fantasy style setting of the Bisque Knight Universe. So far a great selection of alternate helmets, with plans for undead riders and more to be released later this month.

One Page Rules

One Page Rules launches another fantastic month with two full army additions; a reworking and addition to the Saurian army who gain some neat new support lizards alongside some cavalry; and the final wave of Eternal Dynasty models. Featuring some very large night mechanoids. There’s also a selection of terrain features and the normal 2D printable assets as well as a fleet of spaceships.
Plus you get the game aids (tokens and such) and a full selection of round and square bases for both forces.

Becca 3D

Becca 3D has been sculpting through the month and already has 3 fantastic models up for grabs. First up is a curious critter, a half breed Doduo that’s got a bit of a planty edge to one of the heads!

Joining this critter are two more regular style models in Origin form Dialga and Palkia!

Finally she’s planning on releasing a high detail Hydreigon along with its pre-evolution forms.


Pirate Platypus! Need I say more? Ok how about Pirate Platypus with their own skyship?! Cobramode brings their unique charming style of sculpting to the high seas or skies with this characterful crew.
The skyship itself is a 3 month loyalty bonus model, so a great thing if you’ve been with them for a while and not a hard target to reach if you really want it and want to jump on board now.

Prey STL Collection

Providing presupported characters in 3 scales from 32mm; 1-24scale and 1-10scale, this month there’s a trio of characters. The Pitt (with chain and unchined versions); Lion-O (Thunder Cats) and Xanatos (Gargoyles).

Miniature Land

Releasing a phenominial number of terrain models each month (most of which now come with open and detailed interiors); Miniature Land has been hard at it again. Constantly adding models right up to the end of the month, so do check back on them to see what they come up with.

Already there’s a Jungle Temple, Desert Minaret, Waterfall Bridge, Ruined Lookout Tower and a Small Blacksmith House.

Papsikels Cyberpunk

This is a very varied month from Papsikels, with three very distinct groups of models being released. From pure punk human warriors; heavily armed cyborgs; humans carrying clearly alien guns and finally a tribe of cute, if very alien, Gronks.

Papsikels Sci-fi

This month Papsikels presents the Mighty Dropship Troopers with their 3rd release. This time the mighty space warriors are pitted against the brutal and savage Ugoks, who have risen up and rebelled against their former allies.
Featuring a selection of human infantry armed with heavy rocket launcher weapons; against a brutal bunch of Ugoks armed with, well, whatever weapons they can lay their hands on! From machette to blasters. There’s also

Diverging Realm

This month Diverging realm presents a selection of sci-fi models for a far future warzone. Adding single sets for several armies each month. A fantastic hollow-mech style angel with the Herald; a duel purpose sky attack craft and transport and a full heavy weapons team with multiple weapon choices and a hovering spotter model.

Free Models

A pair of creators have been added to the Free Models page. Chances are you might have seen their patreons featured here already, but if you’ve not or didn’t know they had free stuff you can check them both out now

Mini Monster Mayhem

Creating outstanding models every month isn’t enough, MMM has several fan-art models that are up for free, including a charming set of undead felines and a massive spirit dragon.

Printed Obsession

Not only running a regular monthly Patreon, but also doing a regular release of fansculpts of various IPs for free as well. He’s got a lot of models on offer for free and I’ve only covered a small number of them. So do follow through and check out his full MMF store page.

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