Model News and Site Relaunch 12-04-2022

Welcome! Those who have been fans of the site for a time will have seen it go a bit nuts over the start of the month as I made a server shift. My apologies for the rather hectic update that broke a few things, however its all settling down now and you can see that the April Releases are in full swing with more creators being added every single day! I hope that the move will allow me some more options in delivering more content to you all and increasing what the site offers.

April Releases – a sample

And it really just a sample as there are ever so many great models being released this month. Do check out the full April Releases showing off dozens of creators and their models.

Collective Studio

Montblanc Escapade! A dark gothic high detail collection of models featuring noble heroes, vampires, werewolf (who looks very happy to be charging into battle) and a large vampiric beast. Collective Studio make some really amazing high detail models and this set is a real treat.


Realsteone turned heads late last month with their preview of a knight on horse back and this month they are delivering in buckets with a fantastic display of accompanying models. Inspired by Elden Ring this selection of models come with high quality sculpting, with several of them featuring optional parts in the form of heads and weapons.
I still think the knight on horseback has some of the most elaborate barding armour patterning and would be a joy to print large to really get the best out of all that fine detail.

Mini Monster Mayhem

One of my favourite creators releasing a fantastic and dark selection of models this month, with two dragons, a huge drider mistress, spiders and wriggling crawling brain things and more. With top quality sculpts and supports its a fantastic set.

DM Stash

DM Stash are having a celebration of their first anniversary month with a special limited edition griffon model; joining a regular solid release of some very high detail fantasy characters. Both in 75mm and 35mm scales.

Lubart Miniatures

Having started off their Kingdom of Equitaine last month, they are back in action this month adding a further two whole classes of knights on horseback. One with longswords and the other with long lances. Fantastic knightly models for any game system that requires such heavily armoured mounted warriors.

Ritual Casting

After more than wargames, RC make some huge statue style sculpts which come with an insane level of detail and texturing. Not only do they include models, this month being a pair from Cyberpunk 2077; but if you’ve got an FDM printer there’s even some life size models of a guitar, dogtags and gun this month.

If those haven’t tempted you already, then hop on over into April Releases to see even more model creators producing a vast range of models and sculpts.

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