Oliver Späth

Release April 2022

Oliver Späth Patreon

This month continues Oliver Späth’s theme of Harry potter scenery with a model of the Goathland Train Station, which was used as a basis for inspiration for the station in the Harry Potter films. With this is a lovely looking steam train and waggon. Joining them are a selection of sea creatures, fish and sea turtles.

Oliver’s Patreon is also famed for his tutorials at making and designing utterly outstanding small scale, high detail dioramas. So along with the models, you can also choose to pledge for walkthroughs of his creative process.

  • 1 Goathland Train Station
  • 1 Train and waggon
  • 5 Different Fish – each with straight and curved forms
  • 2 Sharks
  • 2 Realistic sea turtles
  • 1 Comical sea turtle

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