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March marks the last major release for Beastmen with the last of their terrain and models and they are going out with some great stuff including harpies, two versions of the huge slimey beast, another chariot, boars and more. In addition there’s a huge legendary titan for the Duchies of Vinci (or indeed any army that needs a huge mechanized bull!).
The second major release is the continuation of the Eternal Dynasty models.
Terrain wise its marking the end of Beastmen with the large fortified encampment; plus the last of the robot Legions and Mummified Undead terrain features.
They’ve also thrown in the Faster than Light Empire Fleet as a throwback release this month
As always there’s the assortment of game aids for both major armies (Beastment and Eternal Dynasty) and bases, so if you’ve not backed them before you’ve all that to look forward to as well this month.

For their 2D content they’ve changed the art style to closer match their 3D design work which now also include both front and back views of all models.

3D Print models:

  • Legendary – Bull Titan x1
  • Beastmen – Elites x18
  • Beastmen – Harpies x5
  • Beastmen – Crazed Boars x3
  • Beastmen – Heavy Chariot x1
  • Beastmen – Slimey Beast x2
  • Beastmen – Themed Bases x44
  • Beastmen – Game Aids x9
  • Eternal Dynasty – Sage x1
  • Eternal Dynasty – Royal Guard x5
  • Eternal Dynasty – Scouts x20
  • Eternal Dynasty – Tanks x4
  • Eternal Dynasty – Themed Bases x44
  • Eternal Dynasty – Game Aids x9
  • FTL – Empire Fleet x4
  • Beastmen – Large Terrain x1
  • Mummified Undead – Medium Terrain x3
  • Robot Legions – Small Terrain x4

2D Print content:

  • Beastmen – Set #1
  • Eternal Dynasty – Set #1
  • FTL Empire Fleet
  • FTL Space Terrain
  • Fantasy Terrain
  • Hive City Terrain

Games content:

  • 4 New Missions
  • Sellswords (beta)

Looking forward to the next few months this is the release schedule that they are planning to have:

  • April – Saurians & Eternal Dynasty + Loyalty Rewards
  • May – Saurians & Jackals
  • June – Saurians & Jackals

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