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Big news this month is that the Cyberpunk content has returned to Patreon! No more is it split between Patreon and Tribes! Those who are on the Elite Tier get the cyberpunk rolled into their release, meanwhile if you were just on the basic sci-fi tier you can upgrade to the Scifi+Cyberpunk tier or the Elite (Elite comes with the extra large model each month).

He’s also rolled the Welcome pack from Tribes into the Patreon welcome pack for cyberpunk tiers. This marks a return to how things used to run, giving you all the 80s inspired scifi and cyberpunk under one roof be your choice Tribes or Patreon.

He’s also releasing the Community Remix models to the MMF redemption system, previously you had to manually download these from Patreon.

Also keep an eye out for a Kickstarter Campaign this month featuring the Skull Hunters; like his previous campaign this will feature models from the Patreon and a selection of new unique models as stretch goals.

Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, check the patreon posts for a few “free gift” model downloads as well!

Note at the time of writing I can’t see the preview posts for the Cyberpunk tier, though a glance at the banner image on tribes shows some winged flying models with a bit of a Meteroid/bomberman style, some brutal looking alien creatures and a trio of warrior doggies

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