Papsikels Sci-fi

Release April 2022

Dropship Troopers 3: Ugoks Rebellion

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Papsikels Tribes (note base tier does not include sci-fi release)

This month Papsikels presents the Mighty Dropship Troopers with their 3rd release. This time the mighty space warriors are pitted against the brutal and savage Ugoks, who have risen up and rebelled against their former allies.
Featuring a selection of human infantry armed with heavy rocket launcher weapons; against a brutal bunch of Ugoks armed with, well, whatever weapons they can lay their hands on! From machette to blasters. There’s also a few mechs providing some heavier fire support for the human fighters.

Note that Papsikels also runs a Tribe where the core release is a Cyberpunk themed selection of models. You can get both through either option if you pledge for the higher tiers.
Also always keep an eye on their patreon once you’re signed up, they often add community remix models at steady rate of at least one or two new ones every month.

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