First up the Previews for March are done and posted, there’s a really outstanding selection of models on offer. Expect to see the page added too over the coming days as more and more sneak out previews of models. Remember some of them will only be work in progress or concept art at this stage.

Whilst I don’t intend for this site to become political in any way, I feel I must make mention of the War in the Ukraine which has begun over the last few days. This terrible situation impacts everyone, even the world of 3D printing where several creators and sculpting teams are based in the country. I’m aware that several had made posts in their Patreons with regard to this and I’ll link them below.
My prayers and hopes are with them and all in the Ukraine over this period.

Crucible of Games

3D Art Digital

Green Skin Miniatures

Drunken Dwarf

A few random previews, more in the Previews for March

Diverging Realms Patreon

Mighty Coven Centaurs and a Scion Main Battle Tank feature in March. The Battle Tank comes with at least four turret options, a support tank bot and some sponson weapons.
The Centaurs have 3 or 4 standard loadouts to use.

Arcanum Workshop Patreon

Arcanum Workshop Tribes

A wild release of Lizardmen for March. Featuring 2 mounted beasts and 4 units. Already there’s an awesome looking rex with rider roaring in, with more models to come!

Clay Beast Creation Patreon

Clay Beast Creation Tribes

A new Nova Lizard on show, the Nova Navigator! A leader/hero for the mighty saurian army from outer space. This comes along with a selection of protectors who will keep this (and your other leaders) nice and safe from harm.
In addition there’s a fantastic (and cute) collection of little lizards which form the Saurian Swarm. This will be a collection of small lizards which can be used together to form a swarm base or can be added as decoration to your other models and bases.