Primal Beast Miniature

Release April 2022

Rise of the Moon Witch

Primal Beast Miniature Patreon

Primal Beast Miniature is a brand new Patreon launching this month with a varied selection of Elden Ring inspired models. With a wolfish lean with werewolf and direwolves; to a witchy pair of Moon and Apprentice witches. All being towered over by a huge dragon

The models are designed for 32mm scale and the Patreon (at the time of writing) has just passed the 50 members required to reach their first goal of adding pre-supports for all model releases. There’s also a bunch of early-bird tier pledges still up for grabs, though they are going fast!

  • Moon Witch -1 poses
  • Werewolf warrior – 2 poses , 2 variations
  • Witch Apprentice -1 poses
  • Dire Wolf – 3 poses – 3 variation
  • Old Dragon – 1 poses
  • Old Dragon Bust – 1 poses

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