Ratman Forge

Release April 2022

Ratman Forge Patreon

Ratman Forge Tribes

Ratman Forge is a new patreon/tribes which has only been running for a short while and yet already has a great and varied style and selection of models.

This month we see spooky spectral undead warriors, a massive undead queen atop her fearsome beast with a cruel edge to those wings. The Queen also comes as a freestanding model without her mount.
Then things take a bit of a jump to a more cybernetic setting with a Cult of Death selection of armed infantry with some fearsome close combat weapons. Ideal for any city or wasteland for cyberpunk or post apoc setting. These cultists even come iwth their own Chief Priestess riding atop a mechanised throne/body (with a flamer nestled underneath).
Then after all the Necromunda wasteland news we get a selection of four wasteland warriors, perfectly suited to being nomads and characters in a post apoc setting.

A lone character, Darkstar, who has some alien looks to her and a very large plasma gun, is a latter addition in the month. She’s joined by a very fancy pair of fairies duelling over a log, which adds a purely fantasy element to round out the release.

Something for everyone from the undead to the wastelands; from the past to the future.

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