Realm of Paths Release

April 2022

Dark Heroic Fantasy

Realm of Paths Patreon

Realm of Paths Tribes

This month marks a final series of changes that started back in February, with the designer focusing on providing higher detail style models across the board, with a slight price drop for earlybird patreons as well to reflect the smaller number of models per month with the better styling.
They’ve also chosen to fully focus Dark Fantasy as their core setting for releases going forward, so expect plenty more dark demons, monsters and heroes (anti-heroes?) in the future.

  • Dark Breed Demon (2 versions)
  • Dark Breed Demon Head Claw
  • Dark Rogue Barbarian
  • Dark Rogue Dwarf
  • Dark Rogue Female Barbarian (2 versions, one “normal” version and one “Pin Up” version).

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