Releases April 2022

  • Print Minis Release April 2022
    Print Minis presents the Broken Chip Bar and Casino. A terrain set with multiple terrain features for a sci-fi setting. Complete with patrons of the bar and some wild adventurers as well.
  • Claydemon Miniatures Release April 2022
    Claydemon Miniatures presents three models; a mighty Crystalline warrior and a pair of sea-scouts. These are all large 75mm sclupts
  • Lunaris Figures Release April 2022
    Lunaris Figures presents a fantastic detailed sculpt of a fantasy executioner with a huge axe blade.
  • Clay Cyanide Release April 2022
    Clay Cyanide presents three themed releases. Korean Mythology (preview image above); Pan Village (Panda warriors) and the Gator Tribe (yep Gator Warriors!)
  • Cripta Studios Release April 2022
    Cripta Studios brings a fresh wave of 20+ models this month in both 32mm and 75mm versions and 3 full busts. The inn doors open and yet within is a mix of dark monsters and heroic champions.
  • Grimdark Terrain Release April 2022
    Grimdark Terrain present a fully modular set of pipework; perfectly scaled and ready to decorate your battlefields and tables for smallscale games (eg Adeptus Titanicus/dropzone commander)
  • CastnPlay Release April 2022
    Cast n Play takes you to the sewers this month, dank and dark and full of monsters. From rat and snakemen to a huge titanic wurm. Complete with bases, terrain tiles and modular sewer walls.
  • STL Miniatures Release April 2022
    STL Miniatures presents the Vampires and Vampire hunters; two forces pitched in deadly battle. Vampires shown above, click through to see the Hunters with their war coach and more.
  • Battle Yak Miniatures Release April 2022
    Battle Yak presents a fully modular steam punk robot army this month, complete with detailed bases as well!
  • ARJKalobas STL Miniatures Figurines Release April 2022
    ARJKalobas STL Miniatures Figurines presents a release of wasteland warriors alongside a special character release of Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
  • Artifact Error Release April 2022
    Artifact Error has produced some rather fancy “transformer” style models this month. These come as the same core body with two variations; the Hercules variation with minigun and rail cannon; and the Rhino with EMP and Anti-Tank Lightning Cannon.
  • Txarli Factory Release April 2022
    Txarli Factory specalise in terrain features and this month is no exception. This month has a very desert feel to it with 7 rocky outcroppings and 7 structures.
  • Fantastical Sculpts Release April 2022
    Fantastical Sculpts is the new name of a merger of Valkyries Playground and Battleforged Bases. Now featuring tanks, infantry, buildings and bases all in one collected set. Do check out the main page for a look at the vehicles and infantry included.
  • Runic Collectibles Release April 2022
    Runic Collectibles presents 10 new models themed around the undead as well as a graveyard diorama set complete with outer fence.
  • Night Owl 3D Release April 2022
    Night Owl 3D is a brand new Patreon with their first ever release, a barbaric and magical group of insectoids, the Kreen.
  • Mini Basing Release April 2022
    This month Mini Basing presents a selection of ferns and a hawk complete with a nest. These are great terrain detail features that can be used to help decorate your bases and terrain features.
  • Bulkamancer Sculpts Release April 2022
    This month Bulkamancer Sculpts has leapt onto the Elden Ring craze and has sculpted a fantastic large model of Ranni the Witch and a bust as well.
  • Awkward Penguin’s Minis Release April 2022
    This month Awkward Penguin’s Minis have produced two fantastic characters. Zefy the Air Genasi and Tora the Lizardfolk. They are a new sculpting patreon and work in producing fine DnD scale models for your roleplaying games, complete with a detailed base each. At only £2.50 (UK) for two models (their top tier excluding merchant) its a very affordable patreon and certainly one worth a punt.
  • Ratman Forge Release April 2022
    Ratman Forge has a very varied release this month with much more than just in the collected image above. Fairies, aliens, wasteland warriors all join the cyberpunk and undead models.
  • Sawant 3D Release April 2022
    This month Sawant 3D heads under the deep oceans with a huge underwater city set. From alters and strange buildings to sunken ships and ruins.
  • Crucible of Games Release April 2022
    This month Crucible of Games have not only released a brand new selection of over 8 model kits, but also opened up their Tribes store.
  • The Makers Cult Release April 2022
    Warriors in heavy armour and tanks are a strong theme this month with two waves of The Maker’s Cult’s Patreon already out with the 3rd likely to appear any day now
  • Creative Geek MB Release April 2022
    Creative Geek MB designs and releases 3 statue size high detail models each month. This month Annya the Templar Girl and Leonardo the Turtle have already been revealed.
  • Yasashii Kyojin Studio Release April 2022
    This month Yasashii Kyojin Studio are releasing a set of three Doppelgangers in various states, from almost human all the way to fully transformed. And a pack of Tressym (winged felines)
  • Gadget Works Release April 2022
    Gadget Works are releasing Pictish warriors this month, with a selection of infantry and a really great chariot already released.
  • Kracken’s Vault Release April 2022
    This month Kraken’s Vault presents a huge Oni with a very long weapon striding behind a dancing cat-masked shinobi atop the rooftops. The shinobi also comes with a bust version and 3 additional poses. Ideal for adding to the diorama or using on their own as models
  • The Dork Factory Release April 2022
    The Dork Factory has finished production and released a new massive monstrosity, the Birthing Behemoth. Joining the beast are two 5 man infantry groups.
  • Kyoushuneko Miniatures Release April 2022
    Kyoushuneko Miniatures presents two sets this month; an expansion of their dwarf army from last month and a fresh British army force
  • Bite the Bullet Release April 2022
    Bite the Bullet brings their charming style of sculpting to halflings this month. Featuring a selection of 8 characters (with detailed bases) in various adventuring class roles. Ready to go questing upon the tabletop!
  • Avatars of War Release April 2022
    Avatars of War presents a selection of modular parts to build your own diverse group of big, heavily armed beastmen!
  • Broken Anvil Monthly Release April 2022
    A wild month from Broken Anvil Monthly with a host of quirky adventurers, swine warriors, goblins, beholders and more!
  • Tesseract Tomb Release April 2022
    Tesseract Tomb releases a massive haul of modular trucks to create your own wasteland convoys. Armed, armoured; carrying all manner of goods and guns
  • Heroes Infinite Release April 2022
    Heroes Infinite present over 50 new models from infantry to monsters and a huge selection of terrain themed around the High Elves of the Eternal Summits, second release
  • Clynche Release April 2022
    Clynche brings 6 new models including 3 giant bat riding draconic archers; a werewolf and a vampire in human and bat form.
  • White Werewolf Tavern Release April 2022
    White Werewolf Tavern unleash Heavenly Justice this month with angels, valkyries and a mighty celestial dragon. 75mm, 32mm models and busts.
  • Print Your Monsters Release April 2022
    Print Your Monsters brings over 10 worm models this month. From huge purple worms erupting from the ground to more worms coiled on the surface ready to strike.
  • Solwyte Studios Release April 2022
    Solwyte Studio brings a brand new Scraptank; the torso and head of the new Nyphia War Construct titan and a selection of modular heavy infantry and physic infantry.
  • Saint Decent Release April 2022
    Saint Decent is creating their own setting with some neat grim-dark themed warriors – the Bisque Knight Universe. This month they’ve added 3 helmet sets and plan to add many more models as the month progresses.
  • Papsikels Cyberpunk Release April 2022
    models being released. From pure punk human warriors; heavily armed cyborgs; humans carrying clearly alien guns and finally a tribe of cute, if very alien, Gronks.
  • Papsikels Sci-fi Release April 2022
    This month Papsikels presents the Mighty Dropship Troopers with their 3rd release. This time the mighty space warriors are pitted against the brutal and savage Ugoks, who have risen up and rebelled against their former allies.
  • Albino Raven Miniatures Release April 2022
    Following their Army Girl multi-part set last month, this time around Albino Raven Miniatures are releasing the male counterpart. Another fantastic high detail multi-part collection of bodies and weapons to build yourself a highly varied set of modern army soldiers.
  • Primal Beast Miniature
    Primal Beast Miniature is a brand new Patreon with their first month’s release, showing off a selection of models inspired by Elden Ring
  • Becca 3D Release April 2022
    Becca 3D has been sculpting through the month and already has 3 fantastic models up for grabs; a Questionable Doduo; Dialga and Palkia
  • Last Sword Miniatures Release April 2022
    Last Sword Miniatures bring a fantastic selection of 5 model sets for 5 armies this month; including an amazing flying dragon with riders and a very diverse cannon team kit.
  • One Page Rules Release April 2022
    One Page Rules launches another fantastic month with two full army additions; a reworking and addition to the Saurian army and the final wave of Eternal Dynasty models.
  • Prey STL Collection Release April 2022
    This month Prey STL Collection is unleashing more super heroes and villains! There’s The Pitt with both a chain and unchained version; the mighty Xanatos Gargoyle and finally Lion-O from Thundercats.
  • Oliver Späth Release April 2022
    This month continues Oliver Späth’s theme of Harry potter scenery with a model of the Goathland Train Station, which was used as a basis for inspiration for the station in the Harry Potter films. In addition there’s a selection of 10 fish, sharks and sea turtles!
  • Cobramode Release April 2022
    Pirate Platypus! Need I say anything more? This month is a selection of swashbuckling platypus in Cobramodes charming style of sculpting
  • Diverging Realm Release April 2022
    This month Diverging realm presents a selection of sci-fi models as they expand upon the 3 armies they are working on’ adding Angelic mechs, air gunships, heavy weapon infantry.
  • Dragon’s Forge Release April 2022
    Dragon’s Forge presents the Excruciarch Clerics of the Ebonwrack Pit. A very creative and dark group of clerics and their goblin slaves.
  • Khurzluk Miniatures Release April 2022
    Continuing the Ork and Goblin release from March, yet more nasty goblin warriors and a mighty bloated ork King! The Goblin warriors come with a selection of varied modular parts to add some variety to the horde.
  • Miniatures Blueprint Release April 2022
    This month Miniatures Blueprint presents two Robotical Samourais, one drawing his sword from a back scabbard and about to do battle; the other striking an imposing pose. The third model of the month is a fantastic Ninja Frog, complete with a throwing blade base.
  • Red Clay Collectibles Release April 2022
    Red Clay presents 23 new models ranging form hulking golems to pin-up style Egyptian cat women
  • Grinning God Release April 2022
    A very new patreon, Grinning God presents models inspired by Elden Ring this month, including a mysterious witch and a mighty dragon.
  • Dragons Lake Miniatures Release April 2022
    Dragon’s Lake present a new army with the Saurian Ancients. Featuring skinks with multiple weapon types; mighty Caimans and a huge Thyroscutus warbeast
  • Ritual Casting Release April 2022
    A Blend of rock and roll and Cyberpunk this month as Ritual Casting presents a large scale diorama of Johnny Silverhand and Rogue from Cyberpunk 2077
  • Arcanum Workshop Release April 2022
    Focusing on high detail and quality this coming month, Arcanum Workshop are releasing a stunning pair of models with the Black Lord and Mounted Black Rider with horse in full rearing posture for an imposing model.
  • Collective Studio Release April 2022
    Montblanc Escapade! A dark gothic high detail collection of models featuring noble heroes, vampires, werewolf (who looks very happy to be charging into battle) and a large vampiric beast. Collective Studio make some really amazing high detail models and this set is a real treat.
  • Highland Miniatures Release April 2022
    Highland Miniatures presents a selection of mages ready to go to war. Be they on foot, mounted on horseback or operating a large strange magical contraption that uses the power of the cosmos to obliterate their foes.
  • Lair Release April 2022
    Lair are continuing their adventure from last month with Gems in the Sky release. Featuring a tribal Shaba Watu Muser, a trio of Nwoda sky dwarves and a massive gemstone golem!
  • Void Realm Minis Release April 2022
    Void Realm Minis dares you to stare into the darkest depths of the ocean, into the very abyss of madness and doom. Take the risk and you might find some twisted, creepy and wriggly beasts staring right back at you!
  • Ghamak Sci-fi Release April 2022
    The Orks and Firestborn forces from Ghamak get reinforcements including troops, cavalry and battletank as well as others.
  • Ghamak Fantasy Release April 2022
    Ghamak presents 34 brand new fantasy models for two army themes; an army of the ghostly dead and a force of heavily armoured holy warriors.
  • Station Forge Release April 2022
    Station Forge continue their Imperial themed releases with a Colonel and a trio of Scavenger Volatiles, which would be ideal in any biomechanoid army or post-apoc setting.
  • My 3D Print Forge Release April 2022
    A fantastic Dwarven force comes marching from the mines and mountains from My 3D Print Forge this month. From infantry with hammer or musket to mighty gryphon mounted leaders.
  • Great Grimoire Release April 2022
    Great Grimoire have started releasing their models for the new months theme, Alice in Nightmareland! Kicking off with the two powerful women in the series, Alice herself and the Queen of Hearts! With many more to come as the month progresses.
  • Magori Miniatures Release April 2022
    Magori Miniatures have released the first models of the month, a team of crossbowmen. There are more models planned including a paymaster on foot and on horseback.
  • The Surreal Factory Release April 2022
    A unique release from The Surreal Factory this month as instead of individual models, we get a very neat set of 3 warriors. One with a crossbow type looking weapon and two with long spears.
  • Dark Realms Release April 2022
    Dark Realms has started releasing the first models of the month, a set of ruined buildings set around a fantasy setting.
  • Ronin Arts Workshop Release April 2022
    Ronin Arts Workshop brings two styles of model this month. First is a large 120mm and 75mm scale pin-up style model of Heiog, a pretty adventurer striding through a nature scene with a little butterfly companion. Alongside her are a pair of 35mm goblins decked out for a violent game of football! These come with a few optional parts.
  • Fotis Mint Release April 2022
    Fotis Mint returns to patreon with a powerful release of full body and bust Tyrael (Diablo) and three further busts of The Comedian (Watchmen); Malenia Blade of Miquella and a Viking Raider
  • VaultZ Miniatures Release April 2022
    This moth VaultZ has released two large statue models with Agent Lilith and Solid Snake (MGS); who also comes in a second form hidden under a box.
  • Empire Miniatures Release April 2022
    Empire Miniatures are focusing on Cathay and Empire infantry this month. In addition there’s a big announcement of them adding 15mm sculpts to their release in addition to the already present 28mm models
  • Realsteone Release April 2022
    Realsteone is releasing a very impressive and high detail selection of models inspired by Elden Ring this month.
  • Mini Monster Mayhem Release April 2022
    Welcome to the everdark depths of the Netherdeep with Mini Monster Mayhems latest release. A dark twisted selection of models with no less than 4 massive creatures, 2 of which are different species of dragon.
  • Fantasy Cult Miniatures Release April 2022
    Fantasy Cult Miniatures releases the first wave of Swarm alien models with infantry and brain leader models. .
  • Artisan Guild Release April 2022
    Artisan Guild unleashes the Dwarves of Skutagaard, Mountaineers. Tough dwarven warriors with a very classic design on foot and with mighty ram mounts.
  • Fleshcraft Studio Release April 2022
    Fleshcraft Studio begin season 3 of their releases with the first of the Elemental Aspects. This month is the Magma Garorks of the Volcanic Islands.
  • DM Stash Release April 2022
    DM Stash are celebrating their first anniversary this month with a release of 12 32 and 75mm models based on divinity and a special limited edition griffin! There’s also some big news from them coming on the 15th of the month.
  • Lubart Miniatures Release April 2022
    Continuing the Kingdom of Equitaine releases, this month we see Lubart Miniatures releasing the Knights Penitent and Knight Resplendent. Two fantastic sets of highly detailed knights with fantastic armouring on the horses and knights. One group armed with lance and shield, the other with mighty two handed longswords.
  • Vinci Miniatures Release April 2022
    Vinci Miniatures is releasing the cavalry for the ratmen army this month. As always these some as highly modular models with a wealth of weapon, head and body choices with options to build command models as well (eg banner). Rectangular cavalry bases are also included as well.
  • FanteZi Release April 2022
    The Shikan Theocracy is the latest release from FanteZi, featuring a fantastic selection of dark religious models.
  • Crippled God Foundry Release April 2022
    Ancient Spirits of Evil takes the Crippled God Foundry to the deserts with a vast army of the undead.
  • Twin Goddess Miniatures Release April 2022
    Harpy, Oni, Moth, Dryad, Dogegirl and more, this month is all girls and all coming swinging and shooting forth in action from Twin Goddess Miniatures
  • Forest Dragon Release April 2022
    This month Forest Dragon presents a chunky addition of light infantry and fire lizards for the Reptilians and a manticore and mounted sorceress for the Dire Elves.
  • Cross Lances Release April 2022
    First release of the month from Cross Lances is an addition to their existing line of Space Bunnies models. These fearsome, and yet cute critters are the
  • Labyrinth Models Release April 2022
    The Sea Elves arise from the dark depths of the ocean, with mystical sea mounts, crabs, wild mages and heavily armed infantry.
  • Belksasar Release April 2022
    Belksasar presents the Nightmare Kingdom, a selection of dark fantasy pin-up style models for your rpg tabletop games.
  • Archvillain Games Release April 2022
    Archvillain Games unleashed another high detail release of miniatures with Nature’s Wrath: Genir Ancients. Huge elementals, trolls, ents and more!
  • Printed Obsession Release April 2022
    Printed Obsession presents 15 fresh fantasy models with a dark twist this month as the Lady of Pox unleashes a terrifying curse of plague upon the world.
  • Comet Lord Miniatures Release April 2022
    A huge Osterbeast is the show stealing monster from this months release of heroes, anti heroes and monsters from Comet Lord Miniatures.
  • Dragon Trappers Lodge Release April 2022
    The Floating Isle is this months theme from Dragon Trappers Lodge, featuring large turtle islands, whales, coconut warriors, sharks and more. Ohh there’s a massive Shrimp Dragon too!
  • Galaad Miniatures Release April 2022
    14 new models coming fresh from Galaad Miniatures this month, featuring wild arctic style adventures, a princess, mage and a host of the undead from skeletons to animated armour.
  • The Lelanian Industrial Complex Release April 2022
    More mechs, tanks and aircraft from the Lelanian Industrial Complex.
  • Bestiarum Miniatures Release April 2022
    A second wave of horrors from Calden Keep is unleashed by Bestiarum Miniatures.
  • RN Estudio Release April 2022
    RN Estudio shows off two full sets of JRPG inspired models. Focused this month around hunters and the monsters that they hunt
  • Naga Minis Release April 2022
    Yet another charming collection of anthropomorphic and animals/creatures from Naga Minis.
  • Lost Kingdom Miniatures Release April 2022
    Lost Kingdom present a further release of Mori Elves to add to their already impressive woodland army. There’s also a big 2 year celebration with exclusive models on their website for this month only and more!
  • Mammoth Factory Release April 2022
    The Sprawl features this month from Mammoth Factory. A stunning collection of nature themed models, from living plants, mythical beasts and noble woodland warriors.
  • Puppets War Release April 2022
    Continuing their current 3 armies with a new set of models for each. From strange brainbugs to wild paqbots and more.
  • Warp Miniatures Release April 2022
    Warp Miniatures continues their elemental releases with Fire and Water elementals, genies and more!
  • Realm of Paths Release April 2022
    Realm of Paths releases a selection of brand new, high detail dark fantasy models
  • Piper Makes Release April 2022
    Piper Makes unleashes a swarm of fantastic modular drones this month. Build them however you want, use magnets or fixed build and even fit them to previously released selected vehicles.
  • Unit 9 Release April 2022
    Unit 9 presents the Los Malos Cartel, a heavily armed cyberpunk group of warriors and their large mechanical Landsehr mechs.
  • Cyber-Forge Miniatures Release April 2022
    Cyber-Forge Miniatures welcomes you to the future and the Island of Dr. Maneater. Chock full of mutants, armoured dinosaurs, mechs and post apoc adventurers.
  • Titan-Forge Miniatures Release April 2022
    Titan-Forge Miniatures presents the Hillhammer Dwarves; a rough group of mighty dwarven warriors complete with their own war engine, golems and massive mounted dragon.
  • Lord of the Print Release April 2022
    Lord of the Print releases their second wave of Dinotopia inspired models, with 43 new dinosaurs, kenku riders and warriors and more.
  • Claybeast Creation Release April 2022
    The Fallen Beasts gain a Warlord, 12 Brute infantry and a massive Herd Behemot
  • La Louve 3D Release April 2022
    Fantasy Equines feature this month with four charming equine themed models from La Louve 3D
  • Atlan Forge Release April 2022
    The Hades Burning Legion and Templar Crusaders are the first models released this month by Atlan Forge. Expect many more to come over the coming weeks.
  • Signum Workshop Release April 2022
    Signum Workshop are sculpting through the month and adding more fantastic fantasy models.
  • Miniature Land Release April 2022
    Releasing multiple small, medium and large terrain features – bridges, towers, buildings, ruins, camps and more