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Release April 2022


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Runic Collectibles brings their own unique style and mastery at sculpting to the Graveyards. With the Gravelord release they unleash a fearsome group of undead warriors, from soldiers, enforcers and zealots armed with thick armour and huge weapons; to three carrion ghouls; to a pair of huge undead beholders – one skeletal the other undead and oozing spooky spiries from its maw.

Standing against this force is a mighty Paladin, Invictus Lighthammer and perhaps ally perhaps enemy Luna, Princess of the Ash.
Finally there’s a selection of graveyard terrain including gravestones and fencing which can be used to create a small feature or define a vast graveyard scene.

  1. Invictus Lighthammer
  2. Luna, Princess of Ash
  3. Carrion Ghouls (3 poses)
  4. Undead Enforcer
  5. Undead Zealot
  6. Undead Soldier
  7. Skeletal Beholder
  8. Undead Beholder
  9. Graveyard diorama set
  10. Various gravestones
  11. Modular graveyard outer fence

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