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Release April 2022

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Another epic month from Solwyte Studio as this month we see a continuation of the new titan, the Nyphia War Construct. This month we get the head, neck and main core of its body, to go with the legs released last month (which are also up on her MMF Store if you missed them last month). The neck segments for the new titan allow it a lot of posing options and are modular so that you can have as many, or as few as you like! Look out for the main guns and weapons appearing next month!

Joining the titan is a brand new Scraptank; larger than last months scraptank, this is more of a main battletank. The main turret is separate so that future different weapon systems can be added!

Marching alongside these thundering vehicles are a new selection of troops – the Hyperion Heavy Troopers. These are modular with a range of arms and body parts, including a pair of large shoulder cannon, which can be assembled raised or lowered and even left off or taken individually.

Also for fun the helmeted torsos are designed to be hollow so you can print the helms in clear resin to put skulls or other faces behind them!

Joining them is an all femal infantry group of psychers. Thick heavy armour, clawed arms and mystical headresses along iwth rocks tumbling in the air around them as their powers manifest and twist the world.

Finally Oryn Tylla is a single rough and ready warrior who looks like she’s right out of classic Necromunda or any other punk setting. A special release for April.

In addition to all those amazing new things, there’s also a trio of returning throwback models; a Battle tank, Transport and light tank.

New models:

  • Nyphia War Construct body
  • Skjalos Alyspe Scraptank
  • Oryn Tylla (exclusive April 1st model)
  • Kairnite Officiates
  • Hyperion Heavy Troopers

Throwback models:

  • Skjalos’ Nyoma Battle Tank
  • Covenant Okytus Conveyor
  • Covenant Venator

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