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Station Forge continue their Imperial themed releases with a Colonel and a trio of Scavenger Volatiles, which would be ideal in any biomechanoid army or post-apoc setting. The Volatiles even appear to have some modularity with their weapon options so you can vary them up a bit too!

Adding to the above they’ve released a large Grim Guard Battle tank, which comes with a range of optional parts such as different turrets and the choice of either a forward gun or a dozerblade.

Then there’s the National Guard Infantry modular kit, which comes as a 5 man team with 5 optional heads and 4 backpack designs.

Finally we see something really awesome – the Scavenger Riders. Mechanical raptors being ridden by mechanical riders. These look seriously awesome and really offer up a fantastic cybernetic model. With teeth or flamer heads and multiple parts there’s a lot of variety you can build with these kits!

As they sculpt through the month, I’m expecting to see more models from them before the month is out, so do keep checking back here and on their patreon for additional content.

  • Grim Guard-Colonel Mikhail
  • Scavenger Volatiles
  • GrimGuard – Battle Tank
  • Scavenger Adventurer
  • National Guard Infantry
  • Scavenger Riders

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