Tesseract Tomb

Release April 2022

Trucks of the Wasteland

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Tesseract Tomb gets very modular this month with a fantastic wasteland truck theme. A lot of varied parts let you build a whole host of trucks and whilst there are some established designs that theme the parts, you can go wild with swapping parts around to get your own unique design. They’ve also paired with HouseBharteth this month with not just a model swap, but a full new truck, complete with a massive array of guns, crates and more. Ideal for any wasteland release or for pairing with this months House Bharteth release.

  • TT Pattern Combat Truck
  • TT Pattern Food Truck
  • TT Pattern Food Truck Accessories
  • TT Pattern Loot Truck
  • TT Pattern Loot Truck Accessories
  • TT Pattern Lorry Truck
  • TT Pattern Pickup Truck
  • TT Pattern Tanker Truck
  • TT Pattern Armory Truck
  • A lot of guns, benches, crates and accessories

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