The Makers Cult

Another massive host of unique models from The Makers Cult, featuring some defensive installations, some infantry, a fancy sword wielding leader and a fantastic battletank with what looks like a great selection of modular parts. There’s also some huge slug machine xenos that looks like it will tear through anything!
Two guest models appear this month as well from One Page Rules and Puppets War

  • Feudal Guard – Defense Turrets                               (Brexitt)
  • Valour Korps – Defense Turrets                                (Brexitt)
  • Valour Korps – General Klaus                                    (Brexitt)
  • Misc – uncanny valley robots                                     (Brexitt)
  • Cyberzerkers – Battle tank                                         (Garin)
  • Cyberzerkers – Heavy Weapons teams                  (Garin)
  • Tempest Lords – Duelists                                          (Garin)
  • Dark Techno – Infantrix Rovers                                 (Seb)
  • Iron Hive – Devourax                                                  (Seb)
  • Iron Hive – More Upgrade parts                               (Seb)
  • Eternal Dynasty – Captain                                          (One Page Rules)
  • TBA                                                                              (Puppets War)

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