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Release April 2022

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The Makers Cult focus on releasing in 3 massive model waves each month with waves 1 and 2 released. Bringing a massive set of heavily armed and armoured warriors and tanks. Whilst a lot of this month’s release so far has a very “space marine” feel to the designs, there’s some xenos sneaking in here and there and a really neat and gruff looking squad of rather squat fighters!
The first wave are shown off as painted printed models; whilst the second come in their stylish black and white renders.

Their third release wave has now landed and comes with some really impressive models. Walking artillery/tank units that come with a huge range of weapon options.
If that is not enough then there’s are some of the best rippers and a really fast to market parasite style winged monster. Both are robotic, though the ripper models look like they’d also stand in for flesh ones depending on how you paint them up.

The Cult also regularly welcomes guest sculptors each month to work on models. These sculptors often have their own model sites or patreons of their own, so do check the Cults page for details of this months guest sculptors, McAngry Minis and Gear Gutz.

Part 1

  • Tempest Lords – Rampagers                                           (Garin)
  • TL/BK – Cadmus  Juggernaut                                          (Garin)
  • TL/BK – Euphractus Armored Vehicle                              (Garin)
  • Dark Crusader – Assault Champions                               (GearGutz)
  • Dark Crusader – Bulwark Champions                              (GearGutz)
  • Dark Crusader – Honor Guards                                       (GearGutz)

Part 2

  • Valour Korps – Aftermath                                                    (Brexitt)
  • Ragmor ‘s Revenants                                                          (MrMcAngry)
  • Hive Droids – Warrior Droids                                              (The Hive)
  • Hive Droids – Grand Warrior Droid                                     (The Hive)

Part 3

  • Valour Korps – Support Walker                                        (Brexitt)
  • Dark Techno – Infantxii specialists & recruits                (Seb)
  • Iron Hive – Infectrex                                                         (Seb)

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