The Makers Cult Patreon

The first part has been released, featuring a wide diversity of models from infantry to wheeled and walker vehicles. As always the Cult features designs from a variety of designers, some of which have their own Patreons as well. Do check their patreon for full details and links to the different creators.

Their second wave is estimated to land in the latter half of the month

  • Valour Korps – Transport Walker                                 (Brexitt)
  • Black Knight – Half Track                                               (Garin)
  • Tempest Lords – Heavy Infantry                                  (Garin)
  • Dark Crusader – Herald                                                 (GearGutz)
  • Dark Crusader – Snipers                                                (GearGutz)
  • Zealot Baal                                                                      (Polygon Masterworks)

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