The Makers Cult Patreon

The first and second waves of models have been released! Makers Cult always produce a wide variety of styles and models for the various armies they support from a range of creators, including ever popular and present guest creators that appear every month.
This month they’ve already started strong with a selection of infantry, a battle tank and defensive turrets. With many of the infantry coming as multi-part models with a range of weapon options. Do check back later for their third wave of the month.

Part 1

  • Valour Korps – Defense Turrets                             (Brexitt)
  • Valour Korps – General Klaus                                 (Brexitt)
  • Cyberzerkers – Battle tank                                      (Garin)
  • Cyberzerkers – Heavy Weapons teams                 (Garin)
  • Tempest Lords – Duelists                                        (Garin)
  • Eternal Dynasty – Captain                                       (One Page Rules)

Part 2

  • Misc – uncanny valley robots                                 (Brexitt)
  • Dark Techno – Infantrix Rovers                              (Seb)
  • Sample Pack                                                            (Puppets War)

Part 3

  • Feudal Guard – Defence Turrets                           (Brexitt)
  • Iron Hive – Devourax                                               (Seb)

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