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Titan-Forge Miniatures Tribes

Welcome to the Realm of the Savage Tribes and the Badlands Orcs. A wild warrior people ready for war at any moment. With two modular units (infantry and cavalry), several leaders, including one who can be mounted on a huge Wyvern (Wyvern can also be printed on its own); and to top it off enough bases for every model and a selection of themed scatter terrain

  • Wyvern
  • Lord on Wyvern
  • Lord and BSB
  • Armoured Champion
  • Half-orc Huntress
  • Shaman
  • Wild Elemental
  • Modular Grunt Unit
  • Modular Boar Riders Unit
  • Boars
  • Themed terrain set
  • Themed Bases set (44 bases)

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