Unit 9 Patreon

This month sees the ACE – Agrupación de Comandos Especiales; an elite unit of jungle fighters of the future. Including a mighty Bullmastiff truck, multiple infantry types and a mech support unit.

In addition to the model there’s also a terrain map and terrain features (STLs) which will be shown later in the month (added to the ever expanding terrain set that you get with your subscription)

  • ACE Col. Lando
  • ACE Cisco
  • ACE Marcos
  • ACE Felix
  • ACE Victor
  • BANSHEE suit
  • Eva ‘Velvet’ Johnson
  • Hank ‘The Ball’
  • Mad Dog
  • Tom Alva
  • Mighty BullMastiff truck
  • plus a high-quality map in various formats

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