Void Realm Minis

Release April 2022

Denizens of R’lyeh

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Void Realm Minis dares you to stare into the darkest depths of the ocean, into the very abyss of madness and doom. Take the risk and you might find some twisted, creepy and wriggly beasts staring right back at you!

  1. Abyssal Leviathan (90mm base, Gargantuan)
    Bonus base without the keying (Gate to R’lyeh) can serve as a scatter terrain piece or strange cliffside formation.
  2. R’lyeian Chimera (100mm tall, approx 40mm base)
  3. Net Squid (140mm tall, can be displayed with either end up, comes with some optional horns in place of the “tail”)
  4. Morkoth (40 mm tall, 2 poses, 1 standing and 1 swimming / floating)

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