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KOBOLDS! Yep this is a continuation of their previous release of wild bolds with a fresh wave of characterful models. A pyromancer, rogue, warriors and a trio of knights riding dire weasels! There’s a nice selection of modular parts with these sets so you can vary things up between the models a lot.

There’s also a bonus of two monster-hunting dwarves (who appear to be carrying two swords each) to do battle against this menacing force of bolds (or indeed any monsters great or small or human)

Finally as its the Year of the Tiger, there’s a wild Tabaxi Warrior ready to do battle!

  • 1 x Kobold Pyromancer
  • 1 x Kobold Rogue
  • 1 x Mounted Kobold Body
  • 4 x Elite Kobold Heads
  • 2 x Elite Kobold Bodies
  • 6 x Kobold Glaive Arms
  • 6 x Kobold Sword Arms
  • 3 x Kobold Pickaxe Arms
  • 2 x Kobold Empty Arms
  • 1 x Kobold Shield
  • 3 x Dire Weasel Mounts
  • 1 x Haralt the Halfling Monster Hunter
  • 1 x Daralt the Halfling Monster Hunter
  • 1 x Vau La Tabaxi Warrior

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