A formal welcome to Print Hunter for all those new to viewing the site. Today marks the day where I’ve done my best to spread the word more widely about this site, both those creating amazing models and also the many people, like myself, who love having a chance to both support artists and also purchase some amazing sculpts.
Over the coming months I hope to provide a reliable source of news of the monthly releases from a range of top creators as well as articles and advice to others based on my experiences and discoveries within 3D printing. I also aim to work toward providing some reviews of monthly releases to give people a bit more than just the preview renders level info on what’s coming out from creators. In addition I will expand the articles to include more tips and methods that I’ve discovered with 3D Printing.

I wish all of you a very happy new Year and hope that this coming year will see many awesome models peel off your FEP; pop off your build plate (once printed of course!) and appear on your shelves and tabletops!

Cripta Studios

Cripta are a new name and yet already putting out some amazing sculpts (one of which you might already have seen in the Free Models page) along with 5th ed supplements. This is their 3rd release and features a selection of strange and fantasy creatures which have escaped captivity, along with a selection of heroes tasked to retrieve them. The models come in 32mm 75mm presupported versions.

Mini Monster Mayhem

MMM has announced a partnership with R.J. Palmer, the artist who also worked on Detective Pikachu. This is for MMM’s February release inspired by realistic pokemon called “I dare you to catch um”